Creating Geofence Alerts will notify the assigned user when an asset enters or exits the geofence perimeter. A Manager, Owner or Admin-level role can create a Geofence alert.

How to Create a Geofence Alert

Only a company Owner, Manager, or Admin will have the ability to set up alerts.

  • Log into EquipmentShare Track and select Company from the left menu.
  • Select Alerts across the top.
  • Select the Create New Rule button.
  • Complete all the fields on the Add Alert Rule form and click Save.

- Alert Name - The name for the alert rule.

- Association - Select from All Assets, Asset ID, Asset Type, or Group.

- Condition - The condition of when to expect an alert. Select Geofence.

- Notify - The users assigned to receive the alert. Adjust the user's notification settings under the Profile page.

  • Once completed, the rule will display in the Alerts table and can be edited or removed by selecting the alert rule link.

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