In EquipmentShare Track, Threshold Alerts allow you to be notified if an asset is exceeding a threshold value as specified by you, the user. 

How to Add a Threshold Alert 

  • Log into EquipmentShare Track and select Company from the left menu.
  • Select Alerts across the top.
  • Select the Create New Rule button.
  • Complete all the fields on the Add Alert Rule form and click Save.
  • Alert Name - The name for the alert rule.
  • Association - Select from All Assets, Asset ID, Asset Type, or Group.
  • Condition - The condition of when to expect an alert.
    Average Fuel Economy
    Battery State of Charge
    Battery Voltage
    Bluetooth Low Battery
    Coolant Level
    Coolant Temperature
    Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Level
    Diesel Particulate Filter Regen Status
    Fuel Level
    Oil Pressure
    Oil Temperature
  • Is - Once a condition has been selected, indicate if the alert should be Greater than or equal to or Less than or equal to.
  • Enter the threshold value.
  • Notify - The users assigned to receive the alert. Note: The user will receive the alert based on their profile settings.
  • Notify Operator - Select the Notify Operator checkbox if the operator of the asset should be notified when the threshold is reached.
  • Once completed, the rule will display in the Alerts table and can be edited or removed by selecting the alert rule link.
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