Asset Geofence Details and Summary Report

The Asset Geofence Details and Summary Report is a dashboard that will provide a visual representation of the top 20 active Geofences. Hover over the bar graph to learn more about idle time and run time in the geofences. The tables along the bottom provide details about the assets entering and exiting the geofences.

Alert Activity

The Alert Activity dashboard looks at the triggered alerts and provides the notified recipient, the date & time of alert notification, and the asset to which the rule belongs. The dashboard provides the ability to look at all alert rules for better management and transparency into which assets require attention immediately.

Asset Downtime Report

The Asset Downtime Report helps you understand which assets are experiencing downtime due to service-related work orders. The visuals provide insight into the percentage of downtime based on the total ON time vs total downtime.

ELogs Driver Summary

The ELogs Driver Summary dashboard provides total drive time by a day for E-Logs drivers. A Driver Summary table takes an in-depth look at the driver's logs, their Hours of Service rule, work reporting location, and more!

Fleet Health Dashboard

The Fleet Health Dashboard provides the asset health details (both owned and rented) in interactive visuals and tables. Understand your asset's current fuel level, the status of the tracker device connection, the battery voltage, out-of-lock trends, last parked date, and more details.

Fleet Management Dashboard

The Fleet Management Dashboard provides a current snapshot view of essential fleet operations and utilization data. Stay on top of key information to better understand your fleet's run time, upcoming or existing service, out-of-lock devices, and assets within Geofences - all in one place!

Fleet Utilization Dashboard

The Fleet Utilization Dashboard provides an overview of their asset runtime and usage over a given time period. Learn more about which assets are used vs. unused, vehicle compared to equipment utilization, the average utilization %, average run time, and a comprehensive trip breakdown table. Knowing this data improves decision-making on the job site to maximize efficiency and productivity.

Fuel Pump Report

The Fuel Pump report is helpful for our customers that take advantage of our BETA fuel pump technology. For more details, reach out to Customer Support.

IFTA Mileage Report

The IFTA Mileage report is helpful for customers who are required to file their fuel costs due to International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA). The data provided allows for easy retrieval of asset's miles driven, gallons purchased, gallons used, and fuel cost by state within a given time frame.

Invoice Look Up

An Invoice Look Up tool provides the ability to search invoices by date, charge type, number, class, job site, and purchase order.

Keypad Utilization Report

The Keypad Utilization Report looks at all access keycodes used for the company fleet, including the asset, username, and code.

Maintenance Report

The Maintenance Report provides a snapshot visual of the time remaining until the next established service maintenance intervals for a company's fleet. Learn which of your assets do not require upcoming service, are approaching, or overdue so you can make more informed decisions on current or upcoming projects.

On-Rent Dashboard

The On-Rent Dashboard displays assets that are currently on-rent, their 7-day utilization, ordered by person, and rental start date.

Rental Management Dashboard

The Rental Management Dashboard is available for our rental customers, providing valuable insight into their up-to-date rental spending and usage on the job site. Filter data between Jobsite, Purchase Order or Class. Understand the status of your rentals -- On Rent, Waiting for Pickup, Cycling this week or Reserved. Review current spend to learn how it compares to a budget amount in the spending graph. Along the bottom, Invoices will display for the last 30 days.

Speeding Report

The Speeding Report looks at total speeding events for your fleet. It provides visuals and tables that give an in-depth look at the occurrence, percentage of speed time, event log, and more.

Trip Detail and Log Report

The Trip Detail and Log Report provides details about your fleet's trips. The left table outlines the Trip Details, including the asset, date, status, Lat/long, speed, odometer, odometer difference, and groups the asset is assigned. On the right side, the Trip Log displays trip start & end timestamps, the trip duration length, distance, hauling details, idle time, fuel usage, odometer start hours/miles, and start location & end location.

Vehicle Summary Report

The Vehicle Summary Report provides a visual of a company vehicle's drive and idle time in a bar graph. Hover over the bars to see the total run or idle hours recorded for the car. Review the trip details in the comprehensive table in the dashboard.

Work Order Priority Report

The Work Order Priority Report provides our Service customers with the total count of work orders and average days open (for critical and high urgency) with a simple and straightforward visual to understand your service department's prioritization. Filter the data looking at the Work Order created date and toggle between Work Orders or Inspections.

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