The Contractor's E-Logs app is used to log driver's hours for compliance purposes. The app can be downloaded to your smartphone device from the app store by searching Contractor's E-Logs. The following is information around logging time when using the app. 

Duty Status

Primary Duty Status Types

All of the following types are available in the Contractor's E-Logs app and can be selected as a status by an admin and/or driver. Once clicked, the app will begin recording time logged under the status and will be available for viewing anywhere the log graph is displayed throughout the app. The data can also be exported. 

  • SLEEPER = Sleeper Berth



Second Duty Status Types

The secondary status types are also selectable by the driver and/or admin however when they are logged, it is displayed as their affiliated Primary Duty Status type and noted with the name of the secondary duty status type. 

  • PERSONAL USE (OFF) = counted against OFF time (vehicle can be in motion)

  • YARD MOVE (ON) = counted against ON time (vehicle can be in motion)

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