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We’ve created a guide for using EquipmentShare Track and all its features to help you experience a more productive, transparent, and efficient jobsite. 

EquipmentShare Track is a telematics solution that runs on heavy equipment machines, vehicles, and rentals, regardless of OEM, make, or model. EquipmentShare Track monitors and collects machine data, such as fuel level, run time, downtime and more, and serves it to fleet managers from the dashboard. EquipmentShare Track can be accessed on a computer desktop or tablet, or by mobile phone with the Link app. 

Here you’ll find quick links to EquipmentShare Help Resources and learn how to get started with EquipmentShare Track by setting up a new user account and adding users, groups and assets. 

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EquipmentShare’s construction technology solutions help you get more work done at the jobsite, and our dedicated Track Support Team answers your questions to help you keep things moving. 

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Setting up your EquipmentShare Track account

The first step to setting up your EquipmentShare Track account is to check your email at the account address you’ve provided to the EquipmentShare Track team. You should receive an email with a username and a link to set up your account within EquipmentShare Track. 

To activate your EquipmentShare Track account, click the link in your Welcome email. The link should take you to the login page.

Login with the email address you’ve provided to the EquipmentShare Track team; this should be the same email address associated with your Welcome email.

NOTE: Are you an employee of a company trying to set up your individual EquipmentShare Track account? The Manager of your company’s account can add you as a user. For instructions on adding a user as a Manager, check out the next section of this guide, Adding Users to Your Track Account

Once you’ve established and confirmed your EquipmentShare Track account, download Link, our mobile app for EquipmentShare Track. 

Link helps you take full advantage of all EquipmentShare Track has to offer and manage your fleet from your mobile device wherever you go. Learn more about downloading the Link app here

Here’s a short video overview of the dashboard for new users. 

Adding Users to Your Track Account 

You’ll want to add Users to your EquipmentShare Track account so your team can easily access EquipmentShare Track data. 

To add a user to your EquipmentShare Track account, you must be a Company Owner or Manager.

  • Navigate to the EquipmentShare Track homepage (the dashboard), and click Company from the navigation menu on the left. 
  • Then, select the Users tab, then select + Add User
  • Complete the user’s information form by including the user’s name, phone number, etc. Click Create User when you’re done, and you should receive a confirmation notice that the user has been successfully created.

NOTE: A User role can see the assets assigned to them in their Group. A Group is created by a company Manager or Owner, and it combines assets, users and Geofences. For help on creating and editing Groups, see our section below on Groups.  

Creating a Group in EquipmentShare Track

A Group combines assets, users and Geofences, and a Group must be created by a company Manager or Owner. 

Think of a Group as containing the assets that will be used on a specific project and within a specific jobsite (in EquipmentShare Track, a jobsite can be considered a Geofenced location). 

You’ll assign the Users who will be working on that specific project to that Group. These Users will have viewing access to the assets and Geofence of that Group in Track. 

A Group must be created before you assign more Users from your team to a specific group. Remember, a Group combines assets, users and Geofences. 

  • Go to your EquipmentShare Track dashboard, and click Company from the left navigation menu. 
  • Then, select Groups at the top.
  • Select the + Add Group button. 
  • Then, you’ll enter the Group Name and then click Save Group
  • Once saved, the Group will appear in the Group dropdown field. 

Now that your Group exists, you’ll want to add Users to it.

Adding a User to a Group

A Group must be created before you assign more Users from your team to a specific group. Remember, a Group combines assets, users and Geofences. Only Managers and Owners can add users to a group.

  • To add a user to a Group, go to your EquipmentShare Track dashboard. 
  • Select Company from the navigation menu at the left. 
  • Select the Groups tab and make sure the Users tab is selected across the top. 
  • Locate the group for adding users by selecting from the Group dropdown field.
  • A list of Ungrouped Users will appear on the left. Find the User you wish to add to the Group, and click the plus sign + next to a User to add them to the group.
  • Select Save Users to Group once you’ve added the Users you want to the assigned Group. 

Add Assets to Track Account

To begin tracking your assets, you’ll first need to provide a detailed list of assets and upload them to your EquipmentShare Track account. Assets can include equipment, vehicles, rentals, buckets and attachments. There are three ways to add an asset in Track, including a bulk upload method.

Add an Asset to EquipmentShare Track Manually

Go to your EquipmentShare Track dashboard, and from the navigation menu at left, select the Add Assets button. List your asset by filling out the form with asset detail information and a photo. When complete, click Select Asset.

Add Asset from Company Page 

  • From the left navigation menu in EquipmentShare Track, select Company
  • Then select Assets toward the top of the page, in the horizontal menu bar. 
  • Select Add Asset, and complete the List Your Asset form. 
  • When completed, click Save Asset

Adding Assets in Bulk to Your Company’s EquipmentShare Track Account

To add a list of assets to your Company EquipmentShare Track dashboard, you must be a company Manager or Owner. Adding assets in a list format or in bulk is the most efficient way to add assets. To make sure this is smooth sailing, prepare your list of assets in a .CSV file.

  • From the EquipmentShare Track dashboard, select Company from the navigation menu at the left.
  • From the top, select Assets, then click Bulk Add. The Bulk Add Assets window will display. 
  • Select the Choose a File button, or if you don’t have a .CSV file prepared with your asset information, you can download a .CSV template at this point.  
  • Scroll to the bottom and select the .CSV template of sample data to do so.
  • After downloading the empty template, complete the template with your list of assets and details.  
  • Once the asset information has been completed in the spreadsheet, click File, then Save and be sure to keep it in a .CSV format. 
  • Locate the .CSV file, and click Upload
  • The assets have been added to your company's EquipmentShare Track portal and can be found in the Assets table.

Creating a Geofence

A Geofence is a virtual boundary that you can set around jobsites, fueling stations, offices—anywhere—and EquipmentShare Track alerts will notify you via email when one of your assets enters or exits the Geofence you created.

How to Create a Geofence

  • From EquipmentShare Track, select Geofences from the left navigation menu. 
  • Select + Add New Geofence from top right. 
  • Enter the address for the Geofence location in the Search Map field. Press Enter. Note: The location can be zoomed in or out from the + / - icons on the right side of the map. 
  • Select Create Geofence. Select the shape for your Geofence. 
  • Draw your Geofence. 
  • To move the Geofence, select the hand icon, and grab the center of the Geofence. Click the back arrow to undo the action. 
  • Once you are done, enter a Name for your Geofence and click Save.

Check out this quick video tutorial for creating Geofences.

Adding a Geofence to a Group

Only a company Manager or Owner can add a Geofence to a group. 

When a Geofence is added to a Group, the users of the group can view assigned Geofences within Track. The geofence and group must already exist within EquipmentShare Track. 

The geofence and group must already exist within EquipmentShare Track. 

  • From EquipmentShare Track, select Company from the left navigation menu. 
  • Select the Groups tab. 
  • Select the Group from the dropdown options. 
  • From the Ungrouped Geofences table, select the Geofence to add to the group. Click the + sign
  • Once you’ve added the Geofence to the Group, click Save Geofences to Group

Creating Geofence Alerts

Setting up an alert or alerts for your Geofence makes sure your team will be notified when an asset enters or exits your jobsite. 

How to Create a Geofence Alert 

  • From EquipmentShare Track, select Geofences from the left navigation menu. 
  • Locate the Geofence to which you want to add an alert. Select Manage
  • Scroll to the Settings section.
  • Select Configure Geofence Alerts
  • Select a user from the Add New Alert Recipient dropdown options, and click the + Add User button. 
  • Check the boxes for Entry and Exit, depending on alert preferences. Click Close when completed. 
  • Click Save

After you save your alert, you’ll need to enable Geofence alerts on the individual assets that will be entering and exiting your Geofence location. 

  • Navigate to the Map view from the left menu. 
  • Select the asset to which you’d like to add an alert. Click Details
  • Select the Alerts tab at the top. 
  • Scroll to the Geofence Alerts section. 
  • Click the checkboxes for Enable geofence enter alerts and/or Enable geofence exits alerts.

Your Geofence alerts for this particular asset have been saved.

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