Can I revise a time entry that has already been approved? 

Yes, you can revise an approved entry. Currently, approvals do not lock down the ability to fix or alter time, so if you realize you need to change a time entry, you still can. 

How do I add an employee to Time Cards so that I can see them in Track? 

You’ll need to navigate to the Company dashboard in EquipmentShare Track and select the Groups tab. Locate the Time Tracking Group from the dropdown list. Once selected, you can add the user to your group. For more information, check out Adding a User to a Group.

How will I know if a Time Card has been altered? 

Each Time Card level will display a revision icon next to the revised entry. This means at each level of viewing Time Cards you can see which employees had revisions. Once you click down into the employee level, you can see which days had a revision. Once you click a day view, you can see which specific entry was altered. 

Is there a way to view how a specific day was recorded originally or altered?

Yes, not only can you view which entries had a revision, but when viewing an employee’s day, you’ll have the option to access the audit log. The log will provide location information, events recorded for the day and the person who made the revision. To download the log from the Track browser app, click the employee’s Time Card and select the Show Audit Log button. 

Can my employees revise their own time? 

Yes, employees can revise their time entries when accessing Time Cards in the Link app. The revisions made by an employee will display in the audit log.  

No! The Contractors E-Logs app is fully integrated in Time Cards, therefore when a driver goes On-Duty, they are clocked in for the day. The employee will also have the ability to track their work. 

How do I revise my driver's time? 

You can alter your driver’s time entries in the E-Logs feature of the Track browser app. Click E-Logs and select Logs. Make your adjustments and click Save

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