About E-Logs, Track’s ELD Solution

E-Logs is Track’s Electronic Logging Device (ELD) solution. E-Logs is compliant with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) ELD rule. The rule requires many commercial trucks to be fitted with an ELD and mandates drivers to electronically log their trips and driving hours.

Users with Supervisor, Owner or Manager permissions can access E-Logs from the Technology Platform. Drivers use the E-Logs mobile app to track their shifts and drive time, available for download in the App store and the Google Play store. To use E-Logs, tracking device hardware must be installed on a truck. Drivers use the mobile app to log driving time, view and edit logs and provide the required documentation to law enforcement.

To set up a driver to use the Contractor's E-Logs app, follow the procedures outlined in this guide.

Quick ELD Resources

E-Logs Compliance Information

E-Logs is compliant with FMCSA standards and is a registered ELD solution. To see its FMCSA ELD registration, visit this link and search “Contractors Elogs” in the table.

Different HOS exemptions and exceptions will apply depending on where a vehicle is traveling and what it’s hauling or transporting. E-Logs drivers can apply any exemptions or exceptions to their time logs in the app.

Find more information on ELD and HOS exemptions here.

Federal HOS Rule Types

E-Logs is the only ELD solution on the market that supports all federal and state HOS rule exemptions, accommodating drivers and drive events of any kind in every state, including Texas, Alaska, Florida and California. See the list of every supported HOS rule here in the Help Center.

For more on HOS Rule Types, please check out the FMCSA site.

E-Logs Integrations

E-Logs works with several Track features to provide complete visibility into hours worked for every employee. Associate E-Logs entries with Time Cards, Digital Work Orders (DWOs), Jobs and Phases.

E-Logs and Time Cards

E-Logs is fully integrated with Track’s Time Cards feature. Each time a driver sets their duty status to On, a Time Card is automatically created, clocking them out when they go into an off-duty status. The drivers’ Time Cards will be visible to users with Time Cards access in Track.

In the Time Cards table in the Track browser app, employees that are E-Logs drivers will have a blue truck icon in their Type column. If you click into a driver’s Time Card and select a date, you can click Review this day in E-Logs to see the driver’s log for that day.

E-Logs, DWOs, Jobs and Phases

Supervisors and drivers can add information to E-Logs entries showing where and how the time was spent. Adding a DWO, Job and/or Job Phase to the log provides even more insight into how work is really being done—you can more accurately estimate how long a job or a Work Order will take to complete, and the resources needed to complete it, from employee hours to parts to total time.

Getting Started with the Contractors E-Logs App

To log driving hours and records on the go, download the Contractors E-Logs app from the Apple store or Google Play store. Drivers must download the E-Logs mobile app to use the E-Logs feature and stay in full compliance with the ELD rule. The E-Logs app is where drivers log their trips, record Daily Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIRs), apply any HOS exemptions to their logs, add any associated DWO or Jobs to the log and approve changes to their logs.

We’ve created a guide for using the Contractors E-Logs app that users can download here. In this guide, you’ll learn how to sign into the app, view logs, pair a vehicle and more.

Review our DOT Inspection Reference Card fact sheet to help you use your device for inspections.

Download the Contractors E-Logs App

Locate the E-Logs app from the App Store or Google Play by searching for “Contractors Elogs.”

E-Logs drivers must install the E-Logs app on their mobile device to be fully compliant with the ELD rule. This is because drivers are required to have a method of sending or producing time logs for law enforcement officers if they get pulled over.

The E-Logs App Dashboard

The dashboard is the home screen of the E-Logs app and is the first option on its main navigation menu. It shows the driver’s log entry data for the day: driver duty status bars; basic HOS standards; driver’s cycle rule and exemption types; available exemptions; current duty status; and time logged to the current status.

The duty status bars show how long the driver has logged in each duty status over the course of the current day: off duty; SB (sleeper berth); or on duty.

In the Hours of Service (HOS) section, drivers can choose the Pair Vehicle option to search for the vehicle they are driving and ensure the correct data is captured for their driving logs.

This section also shows a breakdown of general HOS rules:

  • At 8 hours, drivers need to take a break.

  • Drivers can drive for 11 hours each shift.

  • Shifts must be no longer than 14 hours.

Drivers can also see the Cycle Rule and Exemption Type set for their account, as well as an alert if any exemption rules are available for the driver to apply.

Clicking on the current duty status section brings up the option for the driver to change their duty status:

  • Primary duty status:

  • Secondary duty status:

Read more about E-Logs duty status in the Help Center.

Drivers can change their location, add emergency exceptions and add notes from this screen.

The Actions section is where drivers can sign their logs, approve log entry edits and manage Daily Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIRs).

  • From the Logs tab, they can revise logged time and view past log entries.

  • From the Form tab, drivers can select a vehicle, a trailer (if applicable), shipping docs, co-drivers and the distance traveled to manually create a driving log.

  • The Sign tab is where drivers verify each log’s information and sign off on its completion.

  • From the DVIR tab, drivers can create the inspection reports they are required to perform on their vehicles each day before their shift and after (2 DVIRs per day) and report any defects that arise.

Drivers submit pre- and post-trip DVIRs in the E-Logs app after inspecting the truck and trailer they are driving (if a trailer is attached).

The main dashboard also displays an options menu along the bottom of the screen.

  • The Home option takes drivers back to the main dashboard.

  • The Logs option brings up a list of the drivers past logs, which they can click on to manage.

  • The Revisions option shows Suggested Edits and Unassigned Logs, which the driver can select to approve or reject. If a log is revised, it will be tagged REVISED.

Clicking on Inspections gives drivers the following options: Inspect Logs & Recap; Send Logs & Recap; and Send ELD Output File.

  • The Inspect Logs & Recap option brings up a recap of the driver’s daily logs for the past seven days. Navigate by day at the bottom of the screen.

  • Choose Send Logs & Recap to send the recap via email.

  • The Send ELD Output File option allows drivers to share ELD data from the past seven days to an email address—this is how drivers can share ELD data with law enforcement.

The final Messages option is where drivers can communicate with dispatch. Dispatch messages are received by the user or users who are authorized to access E-Logs in the Track browser app.

Viewing the Side Menu in E-Logs

Click into the side menu at the top left corner of the E-Logs main dashboard for more actions.


The Documents menu option is where drivers can add documents relevant to their trips and log entries, such as:

  • Fuel receipts

  • Bills of lading

  • Scale tickets

  • Citations

  • Accident photos

  • Other documents

When adding a new document, users are prompted to add relevant data, like the associated asset, the cost and number of gallons of fuel purchased, the date of issuance and any other notes. Currently, photos are the only document type supported in the E-Logs mobile app.


In the Settings menu option, you’ll find User Preferences, Paired Vehicle and Device information.

  • A vehicle can be paired by selecting Set Vehicle and selecting a nearby vehicle or use the search functionality.

  • User Preferences allow you to change the app display from Light (default) to Dark by selecting Display Mode.

  • This Device shows you your device’s ID, notification ID and app version.


Select Help from the E-Logs menu to begin a chat with the Track Support team. A phone number will also be displayed for faster help. Drivers have the ability to attach images to their messages if it helps resolve an issue.


Choosing Logout will log you out of the user’s account and bring up the login screen.

For more help on using the Contractors E-Logs mobile app, visit our E-Logs help section of the EquipmentShare Help Center.

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