Using a keycode to start your rental machine allows for secure and controlled access when using Rapid Rents. This article explains how the keycode is loaded to the rental machine.

For standard non-rapid rent rentals, your keycodes are installed to the machine before your rental starts.

  • First, your company needs to make sure keycodes have been added to our T3 portal and to your rental assets. For instructions on how to do this, check out Adding Keycodes to Users and Assets.

  • To apply the keycodes to your rentals going forward, select the Auto-Apply to Rentals option within Track from your Company dashboard.

  • Once the keycode has been installed on the machine, you are ready!

  • Start your Rapid Rent by logging into the Link app. For more information, check out Starting your Rapid Rental.

  • Once you've completed the inspection part of your Rapid Rent, an SMS ping will be sent to the Tracker device within the machine to wake it up and load the keycode. This is all done behind the scenes and the timing depends heavily on cell reception to the Tracker device but should only take a few seconds to minutes.

  • When your Rapid Rent ends and you complete your post-rental inspection, the keycode will be removed from the rental and can no longer be used to start the machine.

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