Starting your Rapid Rental can easily be completed in the Link app. Once you've reserved your Rapid Rent and your reserved date/time has arrived, you are ready!

This process is for Rapid Rents only, not standard rentals.

  • When your Rapid Rental period begins, log into the Link app and select Rentals from the main menu.
    If you need instructions on how to download the Link app, check out this article!

  • Select the Reserved tab to find your rental asset. Look for the Asset ID, Equipment Class and PO number in the rental description.

  • Select Start Rental to begin the Rapid Rent.

  • Follow the inspection instructions and click Complete Inspection and Start Rental.

  • From the Rental details screen, select View Keypad Codes to access your codes to start the machine.

  • You have started your Rapid Rental!

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