Reserving a Rapid Rent can quickly be completed using the Link app!

  • From the Link app, click Rent Now from the main menu.

  • Click Current Location or one of the existing job sites to view available rentals.

Note: If the Current Location is not displayed, check your location permission settings on your smartphone device.

  • Available rentals will be in a status of Available Now, and those available soon will note the date and time the rental is ready.

  • Click the map icon to display a map showing the closest rentals available.

  • Once a rental is selected from the list or map view, the Asset Details screen displays. Select Schedule Reservation to reserve the asset.

Note: The Reservations section indicates the next estimated available reservation period. If there is a "through --" noted, this means there are no reservations scheduled after the start date.

  • Select the start/end times of the reservation and click Continue.

Note: The Reserve Equipment screen will display differently with an Android device. When you select the start date, a calendar will display, and for time, a clock will show.

  • Review your reservation to confirm it's accuracy!
    - The PO default value will populate as RR-Job Name-Asset ID.
    - To remove/edit the existing PO, select the X.
    - To edit Job Name or Address, click Edit.
    - If the location does not exist, click Create Location.

  • Read the Rapid Rental Agreement information, type in your name, and click I Agree and Reserve Now.

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