Once a DVIR's defect is corrected or determined it doesn't need action, the steps to resolve and complete the DVIR can be done in the E-Logs app.

  • Log into the E-Logs app from your mobile device.

  • Select Form, Sign, DVIR section of the app.

  • Click the DVIR tab to review previous DVIRs in a listed summary format.

  • Click View DVIR to open the DVIR.

  • Any defects that are unresolved will display in a list with a status of Resolved or Unresolved.

  • Expand an Unresolved defect to begin the resolution process.

  • Select the Resolve Issue button to begin to document the resolution details.

  • Select between Defect Corrected or Defect Does not need correction options that apply to the DVIR.

  • The Service Technician must type in their name and scribble their signature in the free form box.

  • Select Accept to confirm the signature.

  • Then click Save. The DVIR will switch to a Resolved status if Defect Corrected was selected. Otherwise, the status will change to Closed if Defect Does not need correction was selected.

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