If you are an E-Logs driver using the E-Logs mobile app and you cannot remember your password, contact your manager as password resets can only be completed in the T3's E-Logs web app.

Resetting a Password for a Driver

Only Manager or Owner roles in T3 can reset a driver's password for using the E-Logs mobile app. If you have a driver that requires a password reset, you will need to log into the E-Logs browser app of T3 to complete the action.

  • Log into the E-Logs web app of T3.

  • Select Drivers in the left menu.

  • Locate the driver from the table and scroll to the right to select the settings ellipsis. Click Edit.

  • From the Edit form, type in a new password in the Password field for the driver.

    • Tip: Make it something easy, like the driver's last name plus a number.

  • Click Save once completed.

  • Communicate the new password to the employee so that they can successfully log into the E-Logs mobile app.

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