When reviewing and troubleshooting service issues in a Work Order, the more information, the better. The Knowledge Base feature within the T3's Service page provides an entire library of previously updated Work Orders (categorized by Equipment Class) to help service technicians get to the bottom of the issue.

Searching the Knowledge Base for Research Purposes

  • Log into T3's Service page.

  • Select an open Work Order from the table.

  • Select the Knowledge Base tab.

  • Begin to type in any keyword in the search bar. A list of keywords will begin to display once you start typing. You may select one word or multiple words.

  • Previously serviced Work Orders for the same equipment class will begin to display and show details like the original complaint, the cause, what was done to correct the issue, and any parts used.

    • Click the blue Work Order ID link to see the full WO details.

Adding Updates to Your Knowledge Base

Service technicians and managers can easily add more content to the knowledge base to help them in the future when troubleshooting equipment.

  • Log into T3's Service page.

  • Select an open or closed Work Order from the table.

  • Select the Updates tab.

  • In the text box, you must type:

    • Complaint: [enter the original complaint information]

    • Cause: [what was the causation of the issue]

    • Correction: [what was done to remedy the issue]

  • Select the Send button. Once saved, the content will be available in the Knowledge Base.

    • Note: The updates may take up to 24 hours to load into the Knowledge Base.

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