Viewing Your Fleet's Trip History and Utilization

Instructions on accessing your fleet's trips in T3, including start and end location, any incidents along the route, and total usage hours.

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Using the asset history feature in T3 can provide you with total visibility into your fleet's activity. Review an individual asset's start and end location of routes driven throughout the day, stay aware of incidents such as aggressive driving behavior and see how many hours of usage were totaled each day. Additionally, review all your fleet activity by viewing the Trip Log report.

Accessing an Individual Asset's Trips

  • From T3, select the app drawer icon from the top navigation bar.

  • Select Fleet.

  • Click Map from the left navigation menu. 

  • Locate your vehicle, equipment, or rentals for viewing history.

  • Select the Details button.

  • Click a specific day to view the Drive Time summary of the asset, including where the route began and ended. Any incidents will also display such as hard turns, aggressive acceleration or deceleration.

The blue lines on the map indicate the asset was driving. A purple line indicates the asset was hauling or being hauled. 

Trip Symbol Key

Accessing a Trip Log Report for All Your Fleet

  • From the search bar in the left menu, type in "trip".

  • Select the Trip Log Report to see a breakdown of your fleet's trips.

  • Adjust the date filters, assets, groups, and ownership to find what you need.

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