What's New?

Stay up to date on the latest technology updates with T3 Product Release Notes.

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Getting Started with T3

Instructions on how to get started with T3 to build with control.

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Tracking and Managing Fleet

Get help using Rentals, Billing, Alerts, Geofences, Access Keypad, and Work Orders.

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ELD Compliance with E-Logs

Navigation and FAQs regarding the E-Logs mobile app and T3's E-Logs web.

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Analytics & Dashboards

Helpful content when using the Analytics web application within T3.

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Tracking Employee's Time and Tasks

Instructions on how to use Time Cards in T3.

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Reserving and Managing EquipmentShare Rentals

Instructions on how to use the T3 and EquipmentShare Rent app to reserve and manage rentals.

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Billing & Invoicing

Instructions on locating and paying for your invoice online.

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Managing Inventory of Items

Creating, editing, and managing purchase orders for inventory items using the T3 CostCapture web app and managing through T3 Inventory web app.

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Asset Telematics Hardware Device Help

Telematics hardware installation guides, installation forms, and other helpful information.

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T3 Dash Cam Help

Instructions on how to use your T3 Dash Cam to keep your team and asset's safe.

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Learn More About T3

Interested in T3?

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FAQs & Troubleshooting

General FAQs and troubleshooting for using T3.

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