Customers who use rental assets have the ability to OFF RENT the equipment directly from EquipmentShare Track. This process applies to standard rentals only.

How to Off Rent an Asset

Method 1

  • From the EquipmentShare Track homepage, select Rentals.
  • Select the Rentals tab across the top.
  • From the Rentals table, scroll to the far right and select the action icon > Off Rent.
  • Complete the Off Rent window, including the option to off-rent Now or Schedule.
    - In the Delivery Notes section, it's important to include any special notes the pickup driver would need to know. For example, the rental is on the north side of a large parking lot behind a dumpster.
  • Select the Off-Rent button.

Method 2

  • From EquipmentShare Track, select Map from the left navigation menu. 
  • Locate the rental asset from the list. 
  • Click OFF RENT
  • Select whether you'd like to Off Rent the asset Now or Schedule. For a scheduled Off-Rent, the date and time must be entered. Select Off-Rent
  • The asset will display as PICK UP status (meaning it is Off-Rent and ready for pickup) in the asset list and on the map in the asset hovercard. 
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