Scheduling a Dashboard to Your Email

Instructions on how to schedule a T3 Analytics app dashboard to your email on a regular basis.

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There are plenty of Analytics dashboards within T3 that provide you with all the data you need to get the job done. To receive the dashboard in your inbox, follow the instructions below.

Scheduling Dashboards to your Email Inbox

  • From T3, open the app drawer from the top navigation bar.

  • Select the Analytics web app.

  • Select one of the many dashboard options along with the left-side categories.

  • Once you have selected a dashboard, select the Report Actions on the top right and then Schedule Delivery.

  • The system will require you to save the report first. Click Save Report.

  • Give the report a Name and Description (optional), and then click Save.

  • Now, from the saved report, select Report Actions > Schedule Delivery.

  • Toggle the Scheduled Disabled option to ON.

  • From the Schedule box, select the day or days you'd like to receive the report and include the time.

    • Open the Advanced Formatting Options if you'd like to receive the image in your inbox as a png file or if you'd like page orientation to be portrait.

    • The green text at the bottom of the window confirms the schedule you've selected.

    • Use the Preview button to see a download image of the report.

  • Once done, select Save to save your changes.

  • The dashboard will be delivered to your inbox on the recurrence specified.

  • View existing schedules under the Saved Reports page.

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