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Ending Your Rapid Rental in the EquipmentShare Rent Mobile App
Ending Your Rapid Rental in the EquipmentShare Rent Mobile App

Instructions on how to end your Rapid Rent through the EquipmentShare Rent Mobile App.

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Ending your Rapid Rental can easily be completed in the EquipmentShare Rent mobile app.

Ending your Rapid Rent

  • Log into the EquipmentShare Rent mobile app.

  • Open My Rentals (along the bottom), select the On-Rent tab, and find your rapid rent. Look for the blue lightning bolt next to the asset!

  • Select End Rapid Rent along the bottom to begin the process.

Completing Condition Inspection

The Condition Inspection screen is where you’ll complete your required inspection after on-renting the equipment. Add your photos and notes to document any damage prior to starting the rental.

  • Select Take photos to open your phone’s camera and snap photos of all sides of the equipment.

  • Select Add from library if you’ve already previously taken photos of the equipment.

  • Add any damage by selecting the Change text under Document Damage.

  • Once done, select Save.

Rapid Rent is Complete

Once you have completed all the steps to end your rapid rent, you will receive a confirmation popup in the Rent app.

  • You will be invoiced for the charges of your rapid rent.

  • The rapid rent will display under My Rentals and the History tab.

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