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Reserving a Rapid Rent using the EquipmentShare Rent Mobile App
Reserving a Rapid Rent using the EquipmentShare Rent Mobile App

Instructions on how to reserve a rapid rent in the EquipmentShare Rent app

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Reserving a rapid rent can be done using the EquipmentShare Rent Mobile App. Using the app you can find a rental at your jobsite for an easy, on-demand rental experience, at your fingertips!

Getting Started

  • The first step is to download the EquipmentShare Rent mobile app for free by searching EquipmentShare Rent from the app store.

  • Log into the EquipmentShare Rent mobile app using your T3 login credentials.

  • Select Rent Now (across the bottom).

  • Select Rapid Rent as your rental type.

Viewing Available Rapid Rents

  • Upon selecting Rent Now > Rapid Rents, the available rental equipment will display based on your device location. You can also search a different location, such as a jobsite, by selecting the Change Location button on the top right.

    • Search through available jobsites using the search bar or create a new jobsite using Add new which will open a new screen to complete the jobsite details.

    • To find jobsites near your current location, select the Current Location text.

    • Select the jobsite location to see available rapid rents at that location.

The available rapid rents will display given the jobsite or location selected.

  • The details about the rapid rent will display including a picture, asset ID, category, class, distance from location, and rate per day.

  • A label will indicate when the rapid rent is available, such as Today, Date, Time.

  • Open the map to see the rapid rent’s exact location.

  • Open the filters to take control of the rapid rents you see and view equipment that is Available Now.

  • Select a piece of equipment that you would like to reserve.

Enter Rapid Rent Reservation Details

The Reservation Details screen is where you’ll enter the start and end date/time of the rapid rental period.

  • The rates will display across the top for Hour, Day, Week, and 4-week. The rates will be your custom rates or, if no custom rates are available, the closest EquipmentShare branch rates based on your location.

  • Select Rental Dates to open a calendar and indicate your start and end date and time.

    • The system will not allow you to select a date/time where the equipment is already reserved by another customer (Note: The customer’s name will display who has the equipment reserved.)

    • A rapid rent that is reserved for part of a day is noted as the partial day visual.

  • View the rental on a map and the rapid rent you’ve selected will be highlighted. To return to the previous screen, select the asset’s picture.

  • The estimated total will display under Price details.

  • Click the Continue button once completed.

Checkout Process

Step 1

The Purchase Order screen will default to “None” and allow you to select a Purchase Order for the rental order. Don’t have a Purchase Order on file? You have the ability to add a new one by selecting Add new.

  • Use the search across the top to find the PO you need.

  • Select the PO to continue to the next screen or select Continue, Rental agreement terms.

Step 2

The Rental agreement terms screen requires you review the terms and conditions and then sign.

  • Once you select Tap To Sign, your name will prefill.

  • Select Continue to review a summary of your rapid rent before you reserve.

Step 3

The Rapid Rent summary screen shows you an overview of the rapid rent order.

  • To make any changes, use the back arrow at the top left to go back and adjust your order.

  • Select Reserve once you are ready to reserve the rapid rent.

Reservation Confirmation

The Reservation Confirmation screen displays the next steps in proceeding with your rapid rent.

  • Tip: Take a screenshot of this screen so you have it on hand when you need to start and end your rapid rent reservation.

  • To locate the reservation under My Rentals, select View Reservation or Return to Home.

To start your rental, see Starting your Rapid rent.

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