Watch this helpful video to learn how to reserve a rental directly from the EquipmentShare Rent mobile app!

Finding a Rental

  • Open the Rent app from your smartphone device.

  • From the homepage, begin searching for a rental using the search bar.


  • Select Rent Now from the navigation bar along the bottom of the app.

  • Find a rental using the Search bar or the list of rentals by category.

  • Once a category has been selected, select the Equipment Type from the available selections.

  • Next, select the Equipment Class from a list of available classes.

    • The app will provide rates for the closest EquipmentShare branch or if you are an existing customer and have custom rates, those will display. You can set job site or change location to view rentals in other markets.

  • Enter the reservation details such as Start Date/Time and End Date/Time, Quantity, and any specifications.

    • Note: The app has limitations on the scheduling period. If you try to schedule within a time frame that the app does not allow, you will receive a message.

  • Click the Add to Cart button (at the bottom) once completed or Price Details to see a breakdown of charges and fees.

  • The Rental is saved and now you can View Cart or Continue Shopping.

Checkout Process

Once done shopping, view your cart to confirm your order. Or select the shopping cart on the top right at any point to access the Cart screen.

  • Take action on the item in your cart by using the settings ellipsis.

  • Change the details using the Edit reservation details.

  • Or If you’ve decided you no longer want the rental, select Remove item.

  • Select the Proceed to Checkout button to begin the checkout process.

  • From the Job Details screen, select a Job Site and Purchase Order for the rental order.

    • You must add a Jobsite or Purchase Order, if not you will receive an error message will appear.

    • To add a new one, select the Add New after selecting Jobsite or Purchase Order from the Job Details screen.

  • Select Next to continue through the checkout process.

  • From the Delivery/Pickup Details screen, select whether you'd like the rental to be delivered by EquipmentShare or if you'd like to pick it up from the EquipmentShare branch.

  • When choosing Delivery (default), enter the Point of Contact information for the delivery. And the branch will be in contact with you before delivery.

    • Note: If you choose a delivery date that is less than 24 hours from now, you will receive an error message requiring you to update the delivery date.

  • When choosing Pickup, the app will default to the closest branch to your job site location for you to pick up the equipment.

    • Note: If you choose a pickup date that is less than 24 hours from now, you will receive an error message requiring you to update the pickup date.

  • Select Next to continue through the checkout process.

  • From the Order Summary screen, you can review the summary of your order.

  • Make any adjustments using the settings ellipsis to edit or remove.

  • To update the Job Details and Delivery Details use the Change buttons.

  • The Rental Charges displayed include estimated details of the rental order.

  • Select Submit Order to complete the rental order

  • A confirmation screen will confirm your order, and you will receive an email shortly.

  • The rental will then display under My Rentals in the Rent app for viewing & managing.

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