Editing or Deleting a Scheduled Dashboard

Instructions on how to edit or delete an existing scheduled dashboard in the Analytics web app of T3.

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If you've set up a schedule and no longer want to receive the dashboard to your inbox or you need to edit the schedule, follow the steps below.

Editing or Deleting an Existing Schedule

  • From the T3, open the app drawer from the top navigation bar.

  • Select the Analytics web app.

  • Select the Saved Reports page in the left menu.

  • From the Saved Reports page, find the Scheduled Reports section

  • Locate the report schedule for editing or removal and select the Action Ellipsis (the 3 vertical dots).

  • Select Schedule Delivery to open the Scheduling window.

  • Make your changes and then click Save.

  • To delete the schedule, toggle the Schedule Enabled option to OFF.

  • Then click Save to save your changes.

  • The schedule will be removed from your Saved Reports page.

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