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Creating Keycode Rules for Assigning Keycodes to Assets
Creating Keycode Rules for Assigning Keycodes to Assets

Instructions on how to configure existing key codes for your rental assets in T3.

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EquipmentShare's cloud-connected keypads ensure that you are in control of misuse and theft. You have the ability to create unique codes for accessing the keypads and starting the machine. Going a step further you can create keycode rules, which will take your unique codes and apply them to groupings of assets, upon your preference.

The grouping of assets you can choose for applying your codes:

  • Any asset assigned to a job site

  • Any asset assigned to a branch

  • All assets (in your T3 platform)

  • All rentals (that are on-rent)

Once you assign the keycode to the grouping of assets, the code will apply to that group now and moving forward. You can essentially set it and forget it!

  • For example, you can set up unique keycodes based on your various job site and then create a job site keycode rule. This means rentals assigned to your job sites (now and in the future) will be accessible using the unique keycodes you created once they go on-rent. When you rent from EquipmentShare in the future, those unique codes will apply to the machines, based on the assigned job site on your rental order. Once the rental is off-rented, the codes will be removed.

  • Another example, you can set up user-based keycodes for your employees and then create an all rentals keycode rule. This means any existing or future rented equipment will receive the keycodes. Tip: You can see an audit history of who's using the keycodes in the Asset Details page under Access.

As a Manager or Owner, configuring your keycodes allows you to take control of the keycodes you create. Follow the step-by-step instructions to set up keycode rules for your company.

  • Log into T3.

  • Select Company in the left menu.

    • Only a Manager or Owner-level can access the Company dashboard.

  • Select the Keypad Codes tab.

  • Select Configure.

  • Select the Create rule button.

  • Complete the Create Keycode Rule form.

    • Keycode Rule Name -- Create a name for the new rule.

    • Keycodes - Select from the existing keycodes created for your company. Add one or many!

    • Association - Select the Association type:

      • All Assets - Selecting All Assets means any asset from your company's fleet in T3 will receive the keycodes you selected in the Keycodes field. Note: If you aren't sure which one to select, we recommend this one!

      • All Rentals - Selecting All Rentals means any rentals (on-rent currently and future rented) will receive the keycodes you selected in the Keycodes field.

      • Branch - Selecting Branch will open an additional field where you can select from your existing branches. Any asset that is assigned to the branch will have the keypad code loaded to the machine for access.

      • Jobsite - Selecting Jobsite will open an additional field where you can select from your existing jobsites. This means anytime an asset (on-rent currently and future rented) is assigned the job site, the keycode will be assigned.

  • Select Save to save the Keycode Rule which will apply to your assets.

Interested in T3's access code solution? Find out more and request a demo.

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