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Enabling Location Sharing From your Smartphone
Enabling Location Sharing From your Smartphone

Instructions on how to turn on location sharing when using our suite of mobile applications.

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Our suite of mobile apps comes equipped with GPS-enabled features. Ensure you have your location sharing settings turned on to take advantage of these benefits.

Link mobile app

  • Field technicians can detect the precise location of assets compared to where they are currently located for easy navigation to their next service appointment.

  • Managers can see their location on a map to understand the proximity to their company's geofences, rentals, and owned assets.

  • Administrators can view their employee's locations via the Link mobile app, when clocked-in only, for transparency and safety reasons.

E-Logs mobile app

  • Drivers can quickly identify nearby assets for pairing their app to a vehicle and record the location of their logs.

Rent mobile app

  • Rental customers can identify nearby EquipmentShare branches based upon a location for reserving rentals.

  • Managers can view their current location compared to their on-rent rentals on a map should they need to visit the asset physically.

Steps to Enable Location Sharing


  1. Open your iPhone and select the Settings gear.

  2. Scroll to the very bottom to see all your apps.

  3. Find Link and tap the app icon.

  4. Tap Location.

  5. Tap While Using the App or Always.


  1. Swipe down from the top of the screen.

  2. Touch and hold Location.

    1. If you don't find the Location, tap Edit or Settings. Then drag Location into your Quick Settings.

  3. Tap App permission.

  4. Under Allowed all the time, Allowed only while in use, and Ask every time, find the apps that can use your phone's location.

  5. To change the app's permissions, tap it, then choose the location access for the app.

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