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Saving a Dashboard for Quick Access
Saving a Dashboard for Quick Access

Instructions on how to save a favorite dashboard and view it in Saved Reports in T3's Analytics web app.

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Save time in T3's Analytics web app by saving your favorite dashboards you often review in a collection for easy access.

Saving a Dashboard

  • From any dashboard, select the Report Actions button on the upper right. Select Save Report.

  • Personalize the report by giving it a name and a description. Click Save, and it will be added to your collection of saved reports.

Accessing Saved Reports

  • Access your collection of saved reports in T3's Analytics app by selecting Saved Reports in the left menu.

  • Select the Star next to a saved report to add to your Starred Reports collection to separate your most important reports from the list of your saved reports.

  • Select the View report button to open the dashboard.

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