Paying an Invoice in T3

Instructions on how to pay invoices directly in T3 via ACH method.

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Paying your EquipmentShare invoices online is as easy as a few secure steps on T3's Billing page. Note: Invoices can only be paid via the ACH method by a T3 user with full access to the billing page.

It is recommended you use the desktop version of T3 to pay your invoice online.

Paying an Invoice in T3

  • Select the Billing page from the left menu.

  • Select your invoices that need to be paid. Note: Check the boxes next to the invoice in the listed view.

  • Select the Pay Invoices button.


  • Open an individual invoice and select the Pay Invoices button in the top right corner.

  • Select the Checkout with Stripe button.

  • Type in your first and last name in the Full Name field.

  • Select your bank institution from the list or search for your bank to link your account for payment.

    • Note: If you do not see your institution or cannot search for it, select Enter bank details manually instead.

  • A window will open that will prompt you to walk through linking your bank account via Stripe.

  • Once you are done linking your bank account, you will return to the initial payment screen.

  • Select the blue Pay button.

  • The payment will post as successful! You will receive a confirmation email of the payment. Note: It may take a few moments for invoices to update as paid.

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