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Setting Up Geofences and Geofence Alerts to Monitor Activity
Setting Up Geofences and Geofence Alerts to Monitor Activity

Instructions on how to set up geofences that help you stay organized, keep better track of your equipment utilization, and reduce theft.

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A Geofence is a virtual boundary that you can set around job sites, fueling stations, offices—anywhere! Enable a Geofence alert in the Fleet app of T3 and you will be notified via text or email of entry & exit activity. If you are creating several geofences, you can use our Bulk Add option.

  • Open the T3 Fleet web app and select Geofences from the left menu.

  • Select Create geofence from the top right. 

  • Enter the address for the Geofence location in the Search Map field. Press Enter. Note: The location can be zoomed in or out from the + / - icons on the right side of the map. 

  • A drawing toolbox will display shapes to help you build your geofence.

  • Select the shape for your Geofence. 

    • The circle and square tools will create a standard shape for your geofence.

    • The Edit tool will allow you to customize the shape of your geofence. With the Edit tool selected, click left on your mouse to create a point and drag your mouse to create a line.

  • Once you are done, enter a Name, Geofence Type, and Start & End Dates. Select a Geofence Color from the dropdown options to customize the geofence on the map.

  • Your geofence is saved!

  • Select Redraw Geofence to make edits.

Setting up a Geofence Alert to Monitor Activity

  • From T3, select the app drawer icon from the top navigation bar.

  • Select Fleet from the expanded menu.

  • Select Alerts from the left menu.

  • Select the Configure tab.

  • Select the Create rule button.

  • Complete the Add Alert Rule form.

    • Fill in the Alert Name.

    • In the Alert When field, select Geofence and then select your geofence (or leave blank to include all of your geofences).

    • In the Apply to assets associated with field, select which assets to include in the geofence alert.

    • Add the T3 Users to be notified of the alert. They will be notified by SMS or email, depending on their Profile settings. Note: Be sure the user has a cell phone number defined in their profile if they want SMS text notifications.

    • Select the Save button once you are done.

  • The alert is saved!

Interested in T3's geofencing tools to manage your owned fleet? Find out more and request a demo.

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