Setting up speeding alerts for your assets allows you to be notified when an asset is exceeding a designated MPH value. Stay safe on the road and know when your fleet is speeding!

  • Log into T3.

  • Select Alerts from the left menu.

  • Select Configure tab.

  • Select Create New Rule.

  • Complete all the fields on the Add Alert Rule form and click Save.

    • Alert Name - The name for the alert rule.

    • Alert when - Select Speed.

      • Select Greater than or equal to = [speed MPH]

    • Apply to Assets associated with - Select which assets to apply the speeding alert.

    • Notify - The users assigned to receive the alert.

      • Note: The user will receive the alert based on their profile settings, SMS text or email.

    • Notify Operator - Select the Notify Operator checkbox if the asset's operator should be notified when the threshold is reached.

  • Select Save once you have completed the Add Alert Rule form. The users will be notified when the assets assigned are speeding over the MPH value entered.

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