Creating or assigning an existing Maintenance Service Group allows you to manage an asset for preventative maintenance servicing. 

  • In EquipmentShare T3, open the app drawer and select Fleet.

  • Select Company from the left navigation menu

  • Select the Account tab. 

  • Select + Add Service Interval

  • Choose the type of interval. 

  • From the interval selected above, enter the information.
    (Example below of a Utilization-based Interval)

  • Once the information is entered, click Add

  • Your New Service Group will appear. Click Save to save the changes. 

  • This action creates a Maintenance Group for your company. 

Assigning the Maintenance Group to an Asset

  • Now you need to assign your asset to the New Service Group

  • From T3, select Map from the left navigation menu. 

  • Locate the asset for assigning the Service Group. Click Details

  • Select the Service tab. 

  • From the Service Group section, select a Service Group from the drop-down options. 

  • Click Assign

  • The Service Group has been assigned to the asset!

For instructions on how to complete a Service Interval request, click here!

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