As a driver, pairing a vehicle in the E-logs mobile app can be done in simple steps. Being paired to your vehicle ensures that the ELD records the hours you are driving for the day. You must be 1/4 of a mile from a vehicle to pair.

  • Access the E-Logs Mobile app from your device.

  • From the home screen, select Pair Vehicle.

  • A list of nearby vehicles within the 1/4 mile radius of the ELD's last known location will display for pairing.

    • The nearby vehicles will display a status label if they are Driving, Out of Lock, or Unplugged.

  • Select the vehicle for pairing.

    • If the vehicle's ELD is unplugged, you cannot pair it with the vehicle as it will not record logs.

    • If your vehicle is driving, you cannot unpair from it.

    • If someone else is paired to a vehicle, you can reassign the asset to yourself, as long as the vehicle is not moving. A message will prompt confirming you'd like to reassign the asset to yourself. Click Yes to reassign. A message will also prompt the other driver.

  • Once paired, your vehicle is connected and ready to log hours.

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