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Off-Rent or Calling-Off an EquipmentShare Rental in T3
Off-Rent or Calling-Off an EquipmentShare Rental in T3

Instructions on how to end a rental period in T3 for our rent (US) and hire (New Zealand) customers.

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Rental customers can Off Rent their EquipmentShare rental equipment directly from T3. This process applies to standard rentals only.

Off-Renting an Asset

Method 1

  • Log into T3's Fleet web app.

  • Select Rentals from the left menu.

  • Select the Rentals tab across the top.

  • Scroll to the far right from the Rentals table, select the three dots (action ellipsis), and then Off-Rent.

  • Complete the Off Rent window, including the option to off-rent Now or Schedule.

    • In the Delivery Notes section, it's essential to include any special notes the pickup driver would need to know. For example, the rental is on the north side of a large parking lot behind a dumpster.

  • Select the Off-Rent button.

Method 2

  • Log into T3's Fleet web app.

  • Select Map from the left menu.

  • Expand the list of rentals and locate your EquipmentShare rental for off-renting.

  • Select the Off-rent button.

  • Complete the Off-Rent details to off-rent now or schedule for later. Click Off-rent when done.

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