Viewing Your Invoices in T3

Instructions on how to access your invoices in T3.

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As a customer, you will receive your billed invoice via email. Additionally, you can view your current and historical invoices in T3. You have the ability to view Paid and Outstanding invoices as well a visual summary of where your charges are allocated.

  • Log in to T3's Billing page.

  • The Invoices table will display giving visual insights of your invoices across the top.

  • Filter the table of invoices by selecting Outstanding, Paid, or All.

    • You can also filter by date ranges selecting the Start Date and End Date if you need to locate a historical invoice.

  • Within the table, under the Invoice # column, select the link to view the invoice.

  • Once the invoice is open, you can select the Download button on the top right to save a PDF version to your files.

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