There are a few methods to request service on a rental asset within the EquipmentShare T3 and also the Rent mobile app. Once the Service Request is submitted, an EquipmentShare Service Manager will contact the customer directly to discuss the issues and when/where a technician will be dispatched.

Note: For scheduled service maintenance requests, such as oil change or filter change, a service technician will coordinate the service schedule with the customer. For all other non-scheduled service maintenance requests, follow the instructions below.

If you do not have access to T3 or the Rent mobile app, contact your sales rep and they will be happy to submit the request for you.

Requesting Service in T3

Method 1

  • Log into T3 from

  • From the navigation bar at the top, open the app drawer and select the Fleet browser app.

  • Select Rentals from the left navigation menu of the Fleet browser app.

  • Select the Rental tab (across the top).

  • Locate the asset in need of service, select Action.

  • Click Request Service.

  • Complete the Request Service window and click Request.


Method 2

  • Log into T3 from

  • Select Map from the left navigation menu in the Fleet browser app.

  • Locate the asset under the Rental section (check your filters if you do not see your rentals).

  • Select Service.

  • Complete the Request Service window and click Request.

Requesting Service in Rent Mobile App

  • Open the Rent app on your device.

    • If you haven't downloaded the Rent mobile app, check out these links to download the app. Use your T3 login credentials.

  • Select My Rentals along the bottom.

  • Select the On-Rent category across the top.

  • Locate the rental that requires servicing and select Request Service.

  • Complete the required details and add images to the service request. Select Request Service to send the request to the closest branch.

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