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Daily Recommended Steps for an E-Logs Driver using the E-Logs Mobile App
Daily Recommended Steps for an E-Logs Driver using the E-Logs Mobile App

Instructions on how the driver uses the E-Logs mobile app on a daily basis.

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As an E-Logs driver, you must follow the steps provided to ensure you are staying compliant according to FMCSA regulations. Here are some recommended steps to stay compliant.

Beginning of the Day Steps

Throughout the Work Day

The E-Logs mobile app works with the ELD or tracking device within the paired vehicle to determine motion and move you into an appropriate status -- all behind the scenes! Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Once you begin driving for the day and you are in an ON status, the ELD will detect your motion, set your Duty Status to DRIVING automatically, and record your logs within the E-Logs mobile app.

    • While in a DRIVING status, with the vehicle in motion, you have the option to switch into PERSONAL USE (OFF) or YARD MOVE (ON).

    • While in a DRIVING status, with the vehicle not in motion, the DRIVING time will continue recording for up to 5 mins automatically - if you wish to change this before the 5 min window you may do so. Once the 5 mins have passed, you'll receive a notification from the E-Logs mobile app asking you to extend or stop the recorded DRIVING time (you have 1 min to decide).

      • If you extend your DRIVING time, the app will prompt every 5 mins, asking the same question.

      • If you stop your DRIVING time, only 5 mins of logged DRIVING time will be recorded, and you'll be prompted to switch to a new Duty Status.

      • If you ignore the notification within the 1 min window, the app will automatically move you from DRIVING to ON status.

  • When the ELD detects no motion and the vehicle has been switched off, the E-Logs mobile app will automatically switch your status from DRIVING to ON.

  • When motion is detected in the vehicle, and you're already in a status of OFF, YARD MOVE (ON), PERSONAL USE (OFF), or SLEEPER, the E-Logs mobile app will automatically create an Unassigned Log which can later be reviewed in the app.

End of the Day Steps

For more information:

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