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How do I use the keycode to start the rental machine?
How do I use the keycode to start the rental machine?

Instructions on how to start a rental machine using a keycode.

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Our rental equipment uses keycode access to prevent unauthorized usage and helps you control the assets on your site.

Where do I find my keycode?

The key code will be assigned to you once you rent from us. The person who created the rental order will receive an email before the on-rent with the key code or it can be viewed from the EquipmentShare Rent mobile app or T3. You can also create a custom key code in T3. See Adding a Keycode to a User and an Asset article.

Starting the Machine with a Keycode

For Scissor Lift and Boom Lift Keypads:

  • Before starting, make sure both E-Stop buttons are out (Platform and Ground).

  • From the keypad on the machine, enter the code and press Enter to turn on the ignition.

  • Now you are in Platform mode and can operate from the platform.

  • If you want to switch to Ground Control, select the Ground button on the keypad.

  • Start the machine.

  • To turn off the machine, select the Stop button on the keypad or emergency stop on the Ground Control.

Important: You must select off on the keypad to turn off the machine OR engage the ground control E-Stop. If you leave the E-Stop button out, the ignition remains on and the machine's battery will drain.

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