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How do I use the keycode to start the rental machine?
How do I use the keycode to start the rental machine?

Instructions on how to start a rental machine using a keycode.

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Our rental equipment uses keycode access to prevent unauthorized usage and helps you control the assets on your site. The key code will be assigned to you once you rent from us -- you will receive an email prior to the on-rent with the key code or you can view it from the EquipmentShare Rent mobile app or T3. You can also create a custom key code in T3. See Adding a Keycode to a User and an Asset article.

Starting the Machine with a Keycode

For Scissor Lift and Boom Lift Keypads:

  • Before starting, make sure both E-Stop buttons are out (Platform and Ground).

  • From the keypad on the machine, enter the code and press Enter to turn on the ignition.

  • Now you are in Platform mode and can operate from the platform.

  • If you want to switch to Ground Control, select the Ground button on the keypad.

  • Start the machine.

  • To turn off the machine, select the Stop button on the keypad or emergency stop on the Ground Control.

Important: You must select off on the keypad to turn off the machine OR engage the ground control E-Stop. If you leave the E-Stop button out, the ignition remains on and the machine's battery will drain.

Interested in getting started with T3's access code solution? Find out more and request a demo.

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