Viewing Your Fleet's Fuel Consumption

Instructions on how to view your fleet's fuel consumed while running and idling.

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With T3, you can view data insights and analytics to stay on top of your fuel gallons consumed. Make data-driven decisions to reduce fuel costs within your fleet.

  • Type Fuel in the search field in the left menu.

  • Select the Fuel Consumption Report.

  • User the filters to adjust for your needs, looking at various date ranges or specific assets within your fleet.

  • Select within the Total Fuel Consumed While Idling tile to drill down into the information on fuel consumed while idling to learn which assets are using the most fuel.

  • Sort the Total Idle Time column to understand which assets idle the most.

  • To receive this report on a regular frequency, select Report Actions > Schedule Delivery. For more information, see Scheduling a Dashboard to an Inbox article.

Watch this video to learn how to Manage Your Fleet's Fuel Consumption!

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