With the vehicle not in motion and in a driving status, your driving time will continue recording for up to 5 mins automatically - if you wish to change this before the 5 min window you may do so. Once the 5 mins have passed, you'll receive a notification from the E-Logs mobile app asking you to extend or stop the recorded driving time (you have 1 min to decide).

  • If you extend your driving time, the app will prompt every 5 mins, asking the same question.

  • If you stop your driving time, only 5 mins of logged driving time will be recorded, and you'll be prompted to switch to a new Duty Status.

  • If you ignore the notification within the 1 min window, the app will automatically move you from driving to On Duty status.

When the ELD detects no motion and the vehicle has been switched off, the E-Logs mobile app will automatically switch your status from driving to On Duty.

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