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Creating a Purchase Order for an Item to Load to T3 Inventory Web App
Creating a Purchase Order for an Item to Load to T3 Inventory Web App

Instructions on submitting a Purchase Order using T3 CostCapture system, which will load to T3 Inventory web app.

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Using T3's CostCapture, you can fully manage your Purchase Orders (PO) for parts and materials. Once received, the items will automatically load to your T3 Inventory web app system.

Creating a Purchase Order

  • Access the CostCapture web app and use your T3 credentials to log in.

  • Once logged in, a list of all existing Purchase Orders will display.

  • To create a new one, select the Create Purchase Order button.

  • Begin filling out the Create Purchase Order form.

    • Vendor: Select from your list of vendors. For more information, see Adding a Vendor and Contact for Purchase Orders.

    • Expected Delivery Date: Open the calendar picker and select when you need the parts.

    • Cost Center: Select your branch from the dropdown list.

    • Deliver To: The Deliver To field will list where the parts can be delivered. It will default to the branch where they are located. If you want the parts sent to another branch, enter the location of the new branch.

    • Store: Add the store for which the items will be located. This field is required for Inventory items as it will organize T3's inventory parts. Note: The Store field is optional for non-inventory items.

    • Notes: Optional field to add any notes.

    • Item Type: Select from Inventory or Non-Inventory.

      • Inventory is products you purchase for which quantities are tracked.

      • Non-Inventory is products you purchase for which quantities are not tracked (nuts, bolts, etc.)

      • Services are services you provide to customers.

    • Item: Choose from the available list.

    • Description: The inventory item will pre-populate a description. Enter a description for Non-Inventory (optional).

    • Item is For: Indicate what the created purchase order item is for.

      • Invoice is used when an item is for a retail sale.

      • Stock is used when the item is loaded to your T3 inventory.

      • Work Order is used when an item is being used for servicing an asset via a Work Order in the T3 system.

    • Memo: Optionally add a memo note, which will update the entire PO.

    • Quantity: Enter the number of parts you need.

    • Price Per Unit: Enter the cost per unit. The calculated total will display.

  • You can add another Item using the Add Item button. Otherwise, click Submit.

    • Note: If you have spending limits enabled, you may not be able to create the PO without a Supervisors approval. A warning message will display and require you to submit approval for the PO.

  • Once saved, the Purchase Order can be viewed or edited.

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