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Receiving Items from a Purchase Order

Instructions on receiving parts from a Purchase Order to increase your inventory.

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After a Purchase Order is submitted, the items must be received once they arrive at the branch. When you receive the items from the purchase order, you must fill out the receipt for every non-inventory and inventory item to complete the action. Partial orders can be accepted, but the Purchase Order will remain open until the entire order is received.

Receiving Parts from a Purchase Order

  • Access the CostCapture web app and use your T3 credentials to log in.

  • Once logged in, a list of all existing Purchase Orders will display.

  • Find the Purchase Order for the parts you have received.

    • Note: Use the filters and search across the top to narrow down the POs displayed in the table.

  • Once you locate the PO, click Receive (far right).

  • Complete the Receipt form.

    • Date Received: Open the calendar picker and select today's date.

    • Store: Select your branch location from the dropdown list.

    • Notes: Optionally enter any messages.

    • Accepted or Rejected: Enter the number of parts that are accepted or rejected.

  • Click Submit. If all parts from the order are received, the PO will change to Closed status. Otherwise, it will remain open until all items are received.

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