Sharing a Scheduled Report to a T3 User

Instructions on how to share and schedule a report to another user in your T3 platform.

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With T3's Analytics web app, you can send a scheduled report to another user. The recipient will receive the shared report in their inbox and can confirm the schedule or modify it to their liking.

Sharing and Scheduling a Report for another T3 User

  • Select Saved Reports (left menu) to open one of your saved reports.

  • Select the action ellipsis next to the scheduled report and select Share Report.


  • Open the report or dashboard and select Report Actions > Share Report.

  • The Share Report window will display.

  • Enter the recipient's email address in the Add Shared Users field. You can add multiple email addresses.

    • Note: They must be a user in the T3 system.

  • Toggle the Propose schedule to shared users to ON.

  • Select the Delivery Days and Time of Day for the scheduled report.

  • Click Share.

Receiving a Shared Scheduled Report

The recipient will receive the email in their inbox with the sender's name and the option to confirm the schedule. If the recipient does nothing, the scheduled email will not deliver to the inbox.

  • The recipient will open the email in their inbox.

  • Select the Confirm Schedule button, which will open T3's Analytics web app and allow for adjustments or confirming the schedule.

  • Select Save.

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