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Reviewing and Approving a Purchase Order in T3 CostCapture
Reviewing and Approving a Purchase Order in T3 CostCapture

Instructions for managers to approve a purchase order created by a user that has spending limits within T3 CostCapture.

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When a user submits a Purchase Order in T3 CostCapture outside their spending limit, the system will require approval from a higher-level role.

  • The manager will receive an email with the approval PO notice.

  • Select the View PO in CostCapture button from the email to directly open the PO for approval.

  • Or log in to CostCapture and filter by Needs Approval status to find the PO.

  • Select the ellipsis action icon (far right) for the PO and select View.

  • Select the Approve button if approved.

    • If you do not approve the PO, it can be deleted from Actions > Delete. Notify the PO submitter that that PO has been denied.

  • Once approved, the PO will change to an Open status and create a number in the system for receiving.

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