In EquipmentShare Track, users have the ability to connect third-party/AEMP-compliant accounts to their existing EquipmentShare Track account, making it easy to view and manage all assets.

How to Connect AEMP-Compliant Accounts

  • In EquipmentShare Track, select Company from the left navigation menu. 

  • Select the Integration tab. 

  • Locate the AEMP-compliant account you'd like to connect to EquipmentShare Track and click Connect.
    Note: To connect one of the other accounts listed, click Contact Us and our Customer Support team will be glad to help you with your integration!

  • The third-party account log in page will display for authorization purposes. Enter user name and password credentials. 

  • Click Authorize to connect the third-party account to EquipmentShare Track. 

  • The account is connected! 

  • The assets are now integrated within Track. Navigate to the Map to view assets. 

Note: Some third-party companies will sync their AEMP feed every 15 minutes, while others sync once every hour. If you do not see your integrated data in EquipmentShare Track, wait a few minutes and refresh your browser.

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