With T3's Work Orders feature, you can digitally streamline your fleet service maintenance experience. Easily create a Work Order with essential details and photos, and assign the Service Technician so they can address the issue with ease.

Creating a Work Order (WO)

  • In T3, select Service from the left navigation menu. 

  • Select New Work Order

  • From the Create Work Order window, enter the details and select Create

Note: If you do not have an asset tied to the Work Order, uncheck the Include Asset on Work Order? box.

  • The new Work Order will display in the Work Order table.

Adding a Service Technician to the Work Order

  • From the Work Orders table, locate the Assignment column for your Work Order.

  • From the Assignment column, hover in the cell for the Work Order. Click +Add to assign the work order to a mechanic. 

Updating a Work Order's Details

  • From the Work Orders table, locate the Work Order for updating and click the blue ID link.

  • Update the details of the Work Order and add status updates to the ticket. They will be saved automatically.  

Interested in getting started with T3's work orders and service maintenance solution? Find out more and request a demo.

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