Updating an Upcoming Rental's Schedule in Rent App

Instructions on how to update the rental schedule of a reserved rental.

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If you need to adjust the rental schedule of your upcoming rental, you can follow the steps below.

Important: You can adjust a reserved rental's Start Date if you are more than 24 hours from the rental start date/time and if an asset has not yet been assigned. Otherwise, contact the local EquipmentShare branch to adjust the schedule.

  • Open the Rent app from your smartphone device.

  • Select the Reservations tile from the homepage.


  • Select My Rentals along the bottom navigation bar.

  • Within the Reservations tab, select the rental order that you need to adjust the schedule.

  • Adjust the dates by selecting Change next to Rental Dates. A scheduler will open that allows you to select the new dates on a calendar.

    • If you are adjusting the Start Date within 24 hours of your scheduled rental or if the asset has been assigned, an error message will display.

    • The End Date can be adjusted with no restrictions.

  • Save your changes.

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