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Completing an Inspection in the Link Mobile App
Completing an Inspection in the Link Mobile App

Watch this video to learn how to complete an asset inspection from the Link mobile app.

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Within the Link mobile app, users can complete Inspections on their assets. If an Inspection is marked as failed, a Work Order will be created in T3 or the Link app for assigning and servicing.

  • From the Link mobile app, select Assets.

  • From the map, search for the asset that needs an inspection.

  • Select the asset to open the Details screen.

  • Select Inspect.

  • An Inspection is created for the asset which provides Hours, Miles, and other essential information for the asset.

  • You can optionally add an existing Task List you've created to guide you in completing the Inspection.

  • Select Add Task List (scroll to the bottom).

  • Select from a list of your existing task lists, as created in T3.

  • Once a task list is selected, click the Select button.

  • From the Inspection screen, select Unfinished Tasks.

  • Begin completing each step by sliding to the right.

  • Complete all the steps.

    • You can optionally add a note to a task if it's allowed. Swipe up to add a note. It will save to the inspection as a reference.

    • If any tasks fail, they will NOT create a Work Order.

  • Once you are done with all tasks, you must add an update/note to the Inspection.

    • Failure to do this step will create an error when you try to complete the Inspection.

  • Type your update in the text field box and click Submit.

  • The update will display.

    • Optionally add a picture to the Updates section using the Camera or Photos buttons.

  • Now you can click Complete Inspection.

  • The Complete Inspection screen will display. To note any fails to the inspection, select the Add Failed Inspection Item button.

  • Make your notes on the failed item and indicate if it is Soft Down or Hard Down.

    • Note: The typed-in notes/description will be the title of the Work Order created.

    • Click the Add Failed Inspection Item button.

  • You may continue adding more failed inspection items to the ticket.

  • Once you are done, select Complete Inspection.

  • If the Inspection was marked as failed, a new Work Order will automatically be created in T3 and the Link app.

    • A new Work Order will be created per failed inspection item.

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