Adding Jobs and Phases in T3

Instructions on adding Jobs and Phases to T3 for organizing projects and work.

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What are Jobs and Phases?

A Job is a container for work. A Phase is another work-related classification option. Phases exist within a Job. For example, a Job could be the name of a Jobsite, such as Fox Hill School. Some examples of Phases could include School Parking Lot, School Playground Lot, and School Exterior. The Jobs and Phases can be customized and built to meet your project needs. Once a Manager or Owner-level creates a Job within T3, adding Phases helps provide more detail about the project. Jobs and Phases are used throughout T3.

Time Tracking

A Job and Phases can be assigned to an employee's worked hours using the Link mobile app. Administrators can review their staff's time spent on jobs and phases to understand labor costs and productivity.

Invoices and Rental Contracts

A Job and Phases can be assigned to your rental orders to better organize and understand rental costs towards jobs and phases.

Adding a Job and Phases

  • Log into T3.

  • Select the Company option from the left navigation menu.

  • Select the Work tab.

  • Select the Jobs tab and select Add Job.

  • Complete the Create a New Job window with the required fields and select Create. Note: Multiple cost codes can be added to a job.

  • From the Jobs table, select Add Phase from a job row.

  • Complete the required fields in the Add Phase to Job window and select Create.

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