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Instantly Send a Report Snapshot to a T3 User
Instantly Send a Report Snapshot to a T3 User

Instructions on how to send a report to another T3 user.

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Instantly share a dashboard in the T3 Analytics web app via email with someone else within your company. Sending a "Snapshot" means sharing any report, saved or not, with another T3 user. Additionally, once you share the report, you'll be copied on the email, and the recipient can reply to continue the data conversation.

Sending a Snapshot Report

  • From T3's Analytics web app, find any report you'd like to share with another T3 user.

  • Select Report actions and then Send snapshot.

  • Complete the Send Snapshot window.

    • Begin to type in the recipients.

    • Include a note for context (optional).

    • The Send group email option will default to ON, meaning the snapshot will send as a group email. Toggle OFF to disable, and send separate emails to each recipient.

  • Click Send.

  • A Snapshot of the report will send to the recipients immediately!

Viewing a Snapshot Report from a T3 user

If you receive a shared Snapshot report, you will receive the dashboard in your email.

  • Open the Snapshot Report email.

  • The email will include any notes from the sender and a link to open the report in T3's Analytics web app.

    • Note: Reply to the email to communicate with the sender.

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