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Uploading a Photo to a Work Order or Inspection Task in Link Mobile App
Uploading a Photo to a Work Order or Inspection Task in Link Mobile App

Instructions on how to upload a photo from your gallery to a completed task in a Work Order or Inspection via the Link mobile app.

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Task lists are used to ensure you complete all the necessary steps in a Work Order or Inspection. Often times a picture is needed to provide evidence of a pass or fail task item. Within the Link mobile app, you can easily upload a photo from your gallery. Once uploaded, you can continue completing tasks to close out the service ticket.

Uploading a Photo to a Task

  • Open an existing Work Order or Inspection in the Link mobile app from the Work Orders menu.

  • Select Add Task List from the Work Order or Inspection details.

  • Select a task and then the Select button.

  • The task list will be displayed. Begin working through the tasks by selecting each one.

  • Review and complete the task. Add a photo by selecting the Camera icon.

  • Click Select from library to open your photo gallery.

  • Your device's photo gallery will open. Select a photo.

  • You'll be returned to the task while the photo uploads. Select the View button to see the upload status.

  • The Work Order Uploads window will display, providing the status of the upload. Select Close to close out of the window.

  • Continue with completing the task lists until they are done.

Reviewing Work Order Photo Upload Status

In addition to checking the photo upload status within the Work Order on Inspection, you can check it from the flyover menu in Link mobile app.

  • From the home screen, select the menu in the top left corner.

  • Select Work Order Uploads.

The various statuses you might see are:

  • If photos fail to load, you will see a Retry button to try to load the photos again when connectivity is restored.

  • You may also see a Clear Uploads button. Upon selecting, you'll see a confirmation to clear the photos.

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