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Setting up a Vehicle for IFTA Reporting

Instructions on how to set up a vehicle for International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) reporting purposes.

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Using T3's reporting tools and our telematics trackers, you can record the necessary data like fuel usage and miles traveled to stay IFTA compliant. Follow these steps to set up your vehicle to report IFTA data.

Enabling a Vehicle to Track IFTA Reporting in T3

  • From the Map page, locate a vehicle using search or filters.

  • Select the vehicle and then Details.

  • Select the Edit tab.

  • Scroll to the bottom of the form and check the box Track miles driven per state for IFTA reporting.

  • Save the form once you are done.

Reviewing IFTA Reporting

Once your vehicles are set up to track IFTA reporting, you can review the details in the T3 Analytics web app.

  • Search Mileage Report in the search bar.

  • Open the Mileage Report and ensure IFTA Assets Only is selected. You'll see a breakdown of Total Miles by State, Gallons Purchased, Fuel Cost, and Assets with Fuel Purchases.

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