Summary of Analytics Dashboards

An overview of how to access T3's Analytics app and all the dashboards available to help make data-driven decisions.

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Accessing T3's Analytics web app

The Reports & Analytics Dashboards are available in the Analytics web app within T3.

The T3 Analytics web app will display.

Summary of Dashboards


The Home page will display a snapshot of Fleet, Service, or Rental insights that can be toggled to view the information you care about the most. Along the right side, you'll see Helpful Resources which will direct you to the Help Center for analytics app answers. Select the Lastest Analytics Updates to review the most recent product updates by month.


Invoice Look Up

An Invoice Look Up tool provides the ability to search invoices by date, charge type, number, class, job site, and purchase order.

Fleet Care

Understanding your fleet's health helps you make better operational and data-driven decisions to keep your machines running. Know your alert activity, fleet health dashboard, asset run time, telematics status, and more.

Alert Activity Dashboard

The Alert Activity dashboard looks at the triggered alerts and provides the notified recipient, the date & time of alert notification, and the asset to which the rule belongs. The dashboard provides the ability to look at all alert rules for better management and transparency into which assets require attention immediately.

Asset Inventory Report

The Asset Inventory Report looks at the assets within your company and their details, including the last location.

Asset Run Time with Battery Voltage and Fuel Level Dashboard

The Asset Run Time with Battery Voltage and Fuel Level shows an asset's health regarding the current battery voltage or fuel level. A visual line graph will compare the run time in hours with the battery voltage or fuel level. Stay on top of your asset's health with this dashboard.

Fleet Health Dashboard

The Fleet Health Dashboard provides the asset health details (both owned and rented) in interactive visuals and tables. Understand your asset's current fuel level, the status of the tracker device connection, the battery voltage, out-of-lock trends, last parked date, and more details.

Fleet Management Dashboard

The Fleet Management Dashboard provides a current snapshot view of essential fleet operations and utilization data. Stay on top of key information to better understand your fleet's run time, upcoming or existing service, out-of-lock devices, and assets within Geofences - all in one place!

Group Assignment Report

The Group Assignment Report is a dashboard that will provide a visual representation of the top 20 active Groups. Hover over the bar graph to learn more about Group Name and Days in Group. The tables along the bottom provide details about the Group Assignment Report.

Telematics Health Report

The Telematics Health Report provides the assets by Tracker State with a bar graph visual. At the bottom of the report includes details of the telematics device health within the asset.

Fleet Usage

See insights into productivity and operational usage with several dashboards focused on usage. Look at your asset idle time, trip log report, IFTA compliance dashboard, and fuel consumed.

Asset Idle Events Report

The Asset Idle Events Report shows total idle events in a graph visualization and map. It will display a breakdown of the idle events in a table format.

Asset Proximity Report

The Asset Proximity Report is an interactive map that displays all your fleet on the map. It will display the current speed limit and the location of the asset.

Fleet Utilization Dashboard

The Fleet Utilization Dashboard provides an overview of their asset runtime and usage over a given time period. Learn more about which assets are used vs. unused, vehicle compared to equipment utilization, the average utilization %, average run time, and a comprehensive trip breakdown table. Knowing this data improves decision-making on the job site to maximize efficiency and productivity.

Fuel Consumption Report

The Fuel Consumption Report will give visuals on the total fuel used by your fleet comparing fuel used with the fleet running vs idle. Note: This report is only available for customers that have MC4+ tracking devices which track fuel.

Keypad Utilization Report

The Keypad Utilization Report looks at all access keycodes used for the company fleet, including the asset, username, and code.

Mileage Report

The Mileage Report provides all of the driven mileage from your company's drivers. It is broken down by State or by Asset. Tip: Add your fuel receipts in the E-Logs mobile app and they will display in the Mileage Report.

Trip Log Report

The Trip Log Report shows a breakdown of trip log details only for assets including start and end date, length, and idle time.

Vehicle Summary Report

The Vehicle Summary Report provides a visual of a company vehicle's drive and idle time in a bar graph. Hover over the bars to see the total run or idle hours recorded for the car. Review the trip details in the comprehensive table in the dashboard.


Geofences are virtual boundaries around your job sites, branches, shops, and more. You can build them in T3's Fleet web app to help you stay organized. For more information see, Creating a Geofence. Once they are built you can analyze the geofence data and insights using dashboards in the Analytics web app.

Asset Geofence Details and Summary Report

The Asset Geofence Details and Summary Report is a dashboard that will provide a visual representation of the top 20 active Geofences. Hover over the bar graph to learn more about idle time and run time in the geofences. The tables along the bottom provide details about the assets entering and exiting the geofences.

Asset Geofence Run Time

The Asset Geofence Run Time dashboard gives a closer look at fleet utilization compared to your geofences (job sites). It breaks down all your fleet's time spent within your geofences as well as their run time. Compare the valuable data to understand job site operations.

Jobsite Usage Report

The Jobsite Usage Report looks at the hours your assets have operated along with the job site usage summary by day in a linear graph comparing equipment vs. vehicle. Review how many days an asset was on a job site in the table to understand utilization for your projects.

People & Safety

Staying safe on the job site is essential. View safety-focused dashboards such as incidents captured via camera (for customers utilizing cameras), driver scorecards, and driver summary reports for E-Logs customers.

Camera Events Report

The Camera Events report will display your fleet's incidents as captured by a dash camera. See a breakdown of the incident types with the ability to drill into each one to find out which assets are causing incidents. Look at the map to know where the incidents occur. Note: The camera media files within this report are permission-based and granted by a Manager or Owner.

Driver Scorecard Report

The Driver Scorecard Report gives a bar graph of the driving score for your drivers based on speed, impact, and idle time.

E-Logs Assigned & Unassigned Drive Time Report

The E-Logs Assigned and Unassigned Drive Time Report will take a look at the number of hours the vehicle is paired or unpaired.

People Management Dashboard

The People Management Dashboard pulls data from our Time Cards web application in T3 to give administrators a snapshot of how their employee's hours are being used throughout the workday.

Speeding Report

The Speeding Report looks at total speeding events for your fleet. It provides visuals and tables that give an in-depth look at the occurrence, percentage of speed time, event log, and more.

Time Tracking Report

The Time Tracking report shows a breakdown of employee entry details such as regular, overtime, and approved hours.

Purchase Orders

Purchase orders ensure the project stays on budget. Understand your costs in terms of spending by viewing the PO Budget and Spend reports.

PO Budget and Spend Overview Report

The PO Budget and Spend Overview Report displays a table of each PO, with their budget amount and the spend (and remaining) for the date range selected.

Rental PO Budget and Spend Report

The Rental Purchase Order Budget and Spend Report show a breakdown of the budget remaining given a PO tied to a rental order. Look at the % of budget remaining, spend by day, total rentals on-rent, and budget by invoice.


All of our rental equipment is backed by the power of T3, meaning data insights are available at your fingertips. Many rental-focused reports provide customers with what they need to make operational decisions.

Historical Rentals by Date Report

The Historical Rentals by Date Report shows a breakdown of assets previously rented given the timeframe. You can filter by job site, asset type, class, PO, and rental status.

Off Rent Dashboard

The Off-Rent dashboard provides a simple table of all off-rents that occurred given the timeframe indicated in the filter.

On-Rent Dashboard

The On-Rent Dashboard displays assets that are currently on-rent, their 7-day utilization, ordered by person, and rental start date.

Rental Management Dashboard

The Rental Management Dashboard is available for our rental customers, providing valuable insight into their up-to-date rental spending and usage on the job site. Filter data between Jobsite, Purchase Order or Class. Understand the status of your rentals -- On Rent, Waiting for Pickup, Cycling this week or Reserved. Review current spend to learn how it compares to a budget amount in the spending graph. Along the bottom, Invoices will display for the last 30 days.


Understand asset's health and your service department's activity even more with service-focused reports. Look at asset downtime, service interval data, and work order priority which helps you understand how quickly tickets are being addressed.

Asset Downtime Report

The Asset Downtime Report provides a look at assets that have been serviced by a Work Order and gives the runtime, downtime, and total off-time hours so you can understand your fleet's downtime better.

Maintenance Report

The Maintenance Report provides a snapshot visual of the time remaining until the next established service maintenance intervals for a company's fleet. Learn which of your assets do not require upcoming service, are approaching, or are overdue so you can make more informed decisions on current or upcoming projects.

Service Dashboard

The Service Dashboard pulls in all your Work Order data from the Service section in T3 so you can view it from one place. Look at the open Work Orders, unavailable assets, downtime, overdue for service, and more.

Warranty Dashboard

The Warranty Dashboard shows assets that have upcoming expiring warranties in the next 60 days and 12 months, any open WOs that have active warranties, and assets that do not have an active warranty. Knowing this data can mean money saved when servicing your assets.

Work Order Priority Report

The Work Order Priority Report provides our Service customers with the total count of work orders and average days open (for critical and high urgency) with a simple and straightforward visual to understand your service department's prioritization. Filter the data by looking at the work order's creation date, type name, and branch.

Work Order by Branch Report

The Work Orders by Branch report will show a breakdown of open work orders that are hard or soft down by branch. Understand the volume of work orders across your branches with this valuable data.

Work Order Response Time

The Work Order Response Time report will give insights into average response time and completion time to give a picture of productivity completing WOs.

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