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Adding Geofences in Bulk to T3

Instructions on how to use the Bulk Add feature when adding Geofences in T3.

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When creating a geofence, you can add multiple at a time using Bulk Add.

  • From the T3 Fleet web app, select Geofences from the left menu.

  • Select the Bulk Add button.

  • From the Bulk Create Geofence window, select Download sample CSV file.

  • Open the downloaded sample CSV file and begin to fill out your geofence data.

    • Add your data to the table using the examples provided.

    • Latitude and Longitude coordinates can be entered in the Address column.

    • Add additional rows for multiple geofences.

  • Save the file once completed.

  • Return to the Bulk Create Geofence window and select the CSV File Upload button. Locate the file you created.

  • Once selected, click the Upload button.

    • Any errors on the uploaded file will display, preventing the user from completing the upload process.

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